Our Story

Curiosity. Wonder. Possibility.

ZIG & KO. represents a life lived across continents, enriched by experiences as unique as each corner of our world.

I’m Sascha, founder and creative director of ZIG & KO. Named in honour of my two boys, ZIG & KO. celebrates movement and connection with nature.

My sense of wonder and curiosity came from my mother. A true bohemian goddess and poet at heart, she shared her love for travel with my brother and I. Whether it was camping in the Moroccan desert, caring for our monkey, Julian, or shedding tears as we passed through impoverished communities, our mother taught us that the world is a vast place filled with striking beauty and terrifying horror all at the same time.

When she passed, I was just 15. I soon found myself living in community housing, collecting food stamps to survive. It was at this point that the universe sent me the gift of yoga. I fell in love almost instantly, and practicing in my local shala became the highlight of my week. I continued my yoga studies in Thailand and then in the South of Spain.

As my yoga journey evolved, I decided to experiment with designing my own eco-friendly yoga mat, made from a rubber backing and with a cork surface. Having travelled through Asia, visiting rubber tree plantations, and living in Majorca (home to vast forests of cork trees), I was already well educated on both the benefits of natural rubber and cork, as well as the regenerative harvesting methods used to collect both materials.

The initial plan was to produce a couple for my own practice and to share with close friends, however, my first samples were an immediate hit and I felt drawn to exploring the possibility of larger scale production. Though I didn’t know it then, this was the start of the journey that would lead to ZIG & KO.

At the time, I was working in a corporate role with the Seabin project (a business I am still closely aligned with and remain incredibly passionate about supporting), and had just discovered I was expecting my baby Koa. This led to a relocation to the Byron Shire, where I began intensive work to establish my business. After a period of extensive research into ethical manufacturers and rounds of testing and feedback with a network of trusted yogis, I developed my first range of mats adorned with beautiful imagery. I set up an online store, partnered with stockists, and complimented my collection with a range of other eco-friendly lifestyle products.

15 months after Koa’s arrival, we were joined by Zig. Raising two free souls and maintaining a modern family dynamic has been a journey in itself. We describe our family as having shared roots, with branches that grow in different directions. It is a beautiful journey we share, and it is my family which led to the rebranding of my business to focus solely on yoga mats and products in 2019.

We are so excited to be launching our third collection, and introducing a recycled materials microsuede mat range to our story. The ZIG & KO. purpose remains grounded in ethical and sustainable manufacturing which produces superior quality mats while caring for our planet.

Welcome to our family, we can’t wait to see where your journey takes you!

With love and light,

Sascha xx