Born from our love for liberty, art and yoga, ZIG & KO. brings tranquility to your practice while caring for our planet.

Our bespoke collection of yoga mats are created from natural materials to support holistic wellness and promote sustainable living

From our home in the Northern Rivers of Australia to your home, wherever you are.

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Support your mind and body naturally by choosing to practice on a ZIG & KO. yoga mat. Since discovering the incredible properties of cork and recycled microsuede, it has been our dream to share with you a range of superior quality yoga mats to support your practice. ZIG & KO. mats celebrate naturally abundant cork and give a new life to recycled plastic bottles to care for both you and our environment. Adorned with bespoke artwork designed specifically to promote mental clarity and relaxation, your practice will thrive as you move and breathe on your ZIG & KO. mat.

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Our core values of sustainability, holistic wellness and conscious living drive our business and underpin every step of our journey. The signature ZIG & KO. cork yoga mat was born when our founder, Sascha discovered that eco-friendly yoga mats were hard to come by. Having already developed a long term relationship with yoga, Sascha, found herself living on the beautiful Spanish island of Majorca. It was here that she designed and produced her first rubber backed, cork surface yoga mat, with the intention of only making one for herself and a small circle of like minded friends. After travelling through Asia and the Mediterranean, visiting rubber tree plantations, and learning of the regenerative practices used when harvesting natural cork, Sascha’s decision to use these materials was easy. Her first samples were an instant hit, and the encouragement of her network gave Sascha the confidence she needed to investigate ethical producers for larger scale manufacturing. With ZIG & KO. still in its conceptualisation, Sascha reached out to yogis and experts in environmental sustainability for insight and feedback as she developed her range. The result is a selection of stunning, luxurious yoga mats which are functional, hard wearing and kind to the planet.

We are proud to bring you a yoga mat which is as kind to you as it is to Mother Earth.

Bespoke, eco-conscious yoga mats

The cork used in ZIG & KO. mats is 100% biodegradable and can be used raw with minimal processing. It provides a non-slip, flexible and comfortable base ideal for use as a yoga and exercise mat. In addition, cork is naturally antibacterial, non-toxic and odour repellant.

Our exclusive range of microsuede mats showcase how innovative design can lead to a more sustainable future. Made from recycled plastic bottles, each mat is produced ethically and is proudly biorenewable. Our microsuede is soft to the touch, while remaining grippy, odour repellent and water resistant. It’s the perfect mat for exercise in all environments, including hot yoga studios. With a natural rubber backing to ensure it remains both flexible and crease proof, your ZIG & KO. yoga mat is the ultimate travel companion.

ZIG & KO. mats are adorned with exclusive artwork curated by our team. Our patterns are selected for more than their beauty. Each is specifically designed to promote wellness and keep you centred throughout your practice. Made with care for you and our world.

Time spent backpacking in South East Asia she also gained knowledge about rubber tree plantations, giving her an insight into this process and this natural material provides an ideal base for our yoga mats.

Scuba/Free diving in some of the most isolated corners of our planet, continually coming across plastic debris grew the desire to create change within industry and consumer culture. After years of product research and development we now have a collection of high quality yoga mats that have been created with a micro-sude surface made from recycled plastic bottles or sustainable cork harvested from Portugal. (more on this in our FAQ´s)

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